It’s Devyn Moore

I am a designer, illustrator, lettering artist, and photographer in the great Kansas City, MO.

My services span the width of logo and brand identity design, custom illustration, lettering, wedding invitations and suites, architectural and lifestyle photography. I am passionate about the connection between what is hand-made and what is digital, and mixing the two to create something great.

In between my work with design clients, and other work opportunities you can either find me taking too many photos of everyday life, trying a new restaurant, or out traveling the world solo or with some friends, and always a camera close by.

I’m a big believer in documenting. I enjoy it for a few reasons, as it makes me slow down this speedy life we all get to be a part of, even if only for a moment. It also helps me remember things as I am actively capturing the mundane and the magnificent. It’s a practice I started in 2017, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon.

This portfolio and occasional blog is one big soup of the design projects, artwork, travels, words, photographs, and drawings that I create. Your presence here means a lot to me - your input is is valued and your time is appreciated. Please click Open Form below for any inquiries, or visit the Contact page.